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Shade Ground Covers

shade ground covers

    ground covers
  • Low-growing, spreading plants that help to stop weeds from growing

  • (ground cover) groundcover: small plants other than saplings growing on a forest floor

  • (ground cover) groundcover: low-growing plants planted in deep shade or on a steep slope where turf is difficult to grow

  • (Ground cover) Groundcover refers to any plant that grows over an area of ground, used to provide protection from erosion and drought, and to improve its aesthetic appearance (by concealing bare earth).

  • Screen from direct light

  • Cover, moderate, or exclude the light of

  • Darken or color (an illustration or diagram) with parallel pencil lines or a block of color

  • shadow: cast a shadow over

  • represent the effect of shade or shadow on

  • relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body; "it is much cooler in the shade"; "there's too much shadiness to take good photographs"

shade ground covers - MAN1011 Handheld

MAN1011 Handheld USB Digital Microscope / Magnifier / Webcam with 250x magnification and measurement functions (free shipping in US)

MAN1011 Handheld USB Digital Microscope / Magnifier / Webcam with 250x magnification and measurement functions (free shipping in US)

Connect MAN1011 to your computer (PC) via USB cable included, and inspect everything in details on your computer screen! It is the most versatile digital microscope, magnifier and webcam on the market today, allowing you to view images at high magnification, take standard photos, record videos, and use it as a webcam. You can take snapshots by software or hardware button. The software of MAN1011 includes a powerful measurement function, allowing you to directly measure the length, angle, circumference, and area of the object in view. MAN1011 has a flat and ergonomic design, fitting perfectly in your hand. The microscope comes with a multi-function stand, which can move horizontally, or rotate 360 degrees. Moreover, MAN1011 package includes a mini mirror and an earpiece for oral and ear (for ear wax, not inner ear) examination. MAN1011 is ideal for a variety of applications including textile inspection, detailed repair, printing inspection, computer parts inspection, nature observation, reading aid, collectables examination (coins, stamps), and health (skin, oral, and ear) examination. Compatibility: Windows 7/Vista/XP. Accessories Included: USB Cable, Software CD, User Guide, Multi-Function Stand for Microscope, Ear Cap (1pc), Teeth Cap (1pc). Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year.

83% (8)

Golden stamens and fuzzy purple filaments of Purple Tradescantia tropical ground cover

Golden stamens and fuzzy purple filaments of Purple Tradescantia tropical ground cover

Explore Aug 21, 2010 #487

Tradescantia pallida is a species of spiderwort commonly known as Wandering Jew, though it cannot be said when, where, or by whom it was first called this. But, considering the term's negative connotation, it would be safe to assume the originator's intent was not to highlight the plant's more favourable qualities. Other common names include Purple Heart and Purple Queen.

T. pallida can be primarily described as an evergreen scrambling perennial plant distinguished by elongated, pointed leaves - themselves glaucous green, fringed with red or purple - and bearing small, sterile three-petaled flowers of white, pink or purple.

Widely used as an ornamental plant in gardens and borders as a ground cover, hanging plant, or - particularly in colder climates where it cannot survive the winter season - houseplant, it is propagated easily by cuttings (the stems are visibly segmented and roots will frequently grow from the joints). It is shade-tolerant and can thrive in a wide range of soil conditions where it has not been intentionally cultivated and carefully maintained. In areas throughout the southern United States and Australia, it is considered an invasive weed and has defied many attempts at control or eradication.

As a houseplant, T. pallida is exceptionally effective at improving indoor air quality by filtering out Volatile Organic Compounds, a class of common pollutants and respiratory irritants, via a process known as phytoremediation.

Tradescantia pallida, Wandering Jew, Purple Heart, Purple Queen

Yellow Archangel Ground Cover

Yellow Archangel Ground Cover

Taken on our weekend in the woods in Hocking Hills, Ohio

"Yellow archangel is a common choice for hanging baskets and as ground cover, due to its attractive variegated foliage and shade tolerance".

shade ground covers

shade ground covers

Asia Connection Automatic Brute force In Ground Cover Pump 1200 Gph

The powerful Brute Force Pump will remove up to 1250 gallons of water per hour from your in-ground winter cover! This 1/3 hp pump can drain your winter cover quickly but weighs only 10 lbs. An adjustable automatic on/off switch allows this pump to turn on automatically as soon as rain accumulates and turn off when the cover is pumped dry. Use it to pump off your winter cover, pump water out of your basement, or drain your boat. The pump is fully submersible, clog-resistant, and it will remove water to within 3/16” of any surface. Comes complete with garden hose adapter and 33-ft. cord. 110-120V AC. UL listed. 1-Year Warranty.

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