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Pop up shade tent. Drapery pleat. American plantation shutters.

Pop Up Shade Tent

pop up shade tent

    pop up
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July 7 - what I did today

July 7 - what I did today

Doing grip and second camera work for a client video shoot this week. Lots of hauling heavy things, lots of sweating. 95 degree heat today in West Virginia. Makes me glad I bothered to go to those stupid YMCA classes this spring. The exertion seems to be getting to me a lot less as a result. John invested in a cheap pop-up tent to provide shade and a nice gobo for interviews, and that has been quite wonderful. From left: Ray (one of many individuals we interviewed), Sheryl (my client's client, and a very kind person), Alan (my main client), John (main shooter and a fine fellow).

Pop Up Camper Interior Sink Area

Pop Up Camper Interior Sink Area

Small sink and an ice box, countertop area. This was a very basic unit because most likely one of the first if not first Coleman's ever built. The windows were netting with roll down/up shades like in a tent, except over table which was poly film (maybe later added).

pop up shade tent

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